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Original YTMND:
by MrApgar
April 5, 2006
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For a while, the image of the Black Ranger Zack Taylor doing his dance from the hit TV show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had been popular around ytmnd, but it wasn't until early April that he became a fad.

Creation of the original zaza

Few months before, there was a Dew Army contest where users were asked to create a kickass Dew site. One of the top sites was called "My Chainsaw" which displayed the sound a chainsaw would make. The sound clip used was the "Z-Z-Z-Z-Za" heard near the end of LL Cool J's song "Control Myself" (LL Cool J's version of the Zaza clip is actually sampled (stolen) from Afrika Bambaataa's 1982 song "Planet Rock").

One month later, the user MrApgar created the site "zaza", which showed Zack performing his dance in the opening of the Hatch from the TV show LOST. The site received a very high rating and was even 5'd by the infamous mod inkdrinker. The site may have been linked to other forums as in the end, the site racked over 150,000 views. It essentially started the zaza fad.

Fad Structure

There have been many variations of the fad:

  • Sites will show Zack dancing with various photoshop edits.
  • GIF images will show various people dancing back and forth (often rewinded).
  • Remakes of the original zaza as seen in the GMAN site.
  • Images of Bees and things that buzz.

The fad did suffer from lack of originality since all it took to make a zaza site was just finding an image of a dancing character, but since the first zaza site, there have been top notch attmempts at recreating the fad.

YTMND Soundtrack

The song "Control Myself" was included in the Dew Army Collection (Volume 10) in the YTMND Soundtrack.