Snoop Nye the Slam Guy

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Snoop Nye the Slam Guy
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Original YTMND:
What is Snoop Nye the Slam Guy?!
by barf
April 8, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

Snoop Nye the Slam Guy is a forced fad created by barf. Sites involve the "Snoop Nye the Slam Guy Theme" (a mash-up of the theme song from Bill Nye the Science Guy, "Space Jam" by Quad City DJs, and Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot"), mashed up again with other songs (usually from other fads), and accompanied by pictures of Bill Nye, Randy Savage, and Snoop Dogg, or the three of them combined into a bizarre hybrid (Savage's crown and sunglasses, Nye's face, and Snoop dancing in the "Drop It Like It's Hot" music video - seen here).

Barf cites most of his Snoop Nye sites as if the image and sound are from the Snoop Nye the Slam Guy TV show and its soundtrack, respectively. (For example: lol, snoop nye the slam guy cites its image from "Episode 205 - The Hamburger Race" and its sound from SNTSG OST Track 4-"The Slam-Mobile Takes Flight!")

On April 10, 2007, barf announced the creation of the Snoop Nye the Slam Guy Inaugural Super Remix Khantest, prompting other to create more Snoop Nye the Slam Guy sites. Thus far, the most notable Snoop Nye site not created by barf is altair808's Snoop Nye the Slam Guy gets his satisfaction. The newest Snoop Nye The Slam Guy site is NiteSky's SNSG: Broters in arms

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