Secret Nazi

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OMG secret Nazi...
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Original YTMND:
[ OMG, secret Nazi Forest
Worthy spinoffs:

Secret Nazi is a fad characterized by a picture depicting a swastika (or any Nazi reference) in an unexpected place, accompanied by a flashing black-and-white photo of Adolf Hitler and the song "Heute Ist Mein Tag" by Blümchen. It originates from a BBC News article on the forest swastika near Zernikow, Germany. Originally other Secret Nazi YTMNDs would imitate the news-article format; nowadays any hint of a swastika or other Nazi reference is enough. Traditionally, the title of such fads takes the form "OMG, secret Nazi ____," after the original site.

PTKFGS variant

In the PTKFGS universe, "OMG, Secret Nazi..." is replaced by "OMG! Secret Communist...," complete with flashing Josef Stalin and accompanied by "All the Things She Said/Ya Soshla S Uma" by t.A.T.u. in both English and Russian. (the version that should be used is debated). Interestingly, this (appears to be) the most spun-off PTKFGS fad.

Secret Nazi videogame

A sub-fad of "Secret Nazi...", called "Secret Nazi {insert game here}" or "Hitler VS. Jesus". It features Hitler and Jesus commpeting in a videogame, first showing a swastika somewhere, but Jesus remakes it to a cross, Hitler starts flashing, and Jesus wins the game. It started with a YTMND called "OMG, Secret Nazi Tetris!!".