Epic Maneuver

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Epic Maneuver
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Original YTMND:
Epic Geordi Manuever
by airbornebryan
April 7, 2006
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The Epic Maneuver fad is devoted to animations of people doing heroic things, mundane or ridiculous actions in a needlessly flashy manner. It began with Epic Geordi Manuever, which features Star Trek: The Next Generation character Geordi LaForge dramatically rolling beneath an isolation door before it seals off a warp core breach (although some say merely ducking would have been more than sufficient given the circumstances). The middle of the Nightwish song "Ghost Love Score", which had been previously used on many other YTMNDs, is often used in the fad and has now become synonymous with epic maneuvers. The song is sometimes slowed down for Epic Effect.


A sub-fad started with Epic YTMND Ridin' Spinnaz maneuver, in which the user is prompted to navigate to a website (e.g., YTMND.com) and then paste a block of JavaScript code into the location bar, causing the website itself to perform an epic maneuver.

Criticism/NARV Status/Overkill

The fad has received a lot of negative attention. Despite its origins involving an unnecessary maneuver, the fad has mutated into taking "funny" and "extreme" videos from the internet, some that are not even maneuvers. Others believe the usage of "Ghost Love Score" was not a good idea as it was already popularized before. Just like other fads like "Best Day Ever" and "Stride", it often takes no effort to make an Epic Maneuver site. According to MasterSitsu, the main problem of the fad is that the music could be used for any gif/picture and has ruined any hopes of new fads or fad music.

In addition, the fad is itself undergoing something of a civil war, between those who think the fad is about something important and truly 'epic' (such as Epic Wheelchair Maneuver) and those who think it is about simple tasks overblown and overhyped (such as Epic Ninja Maneuver).

Despite this, around 100 epic maneuver sites have broken a rating of 4.00 and above, some involving alterations while others involve images taken out of context. Sites will commonly pop up each day with no signs of stopping.

A common occurrence is any epic site on the front page at midnight making the top viewed list and quickly rising towards the top. This trend simply encourages people to stray from originality and just make their site idea into an epic maneuver, even if it doesn't fit.

YTMND Soundtrack

Nightwish's "Ghost Love Score" was included in Volume 6 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

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