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Here are some applications already designed that implement the YTMND API:

Official Examples

Site Timeline

A time-line of site data using Timeplot, which uses <canvas> (will not work in IE).

User Widget

A customizable user widget for YTMND users to show off or track their sites wherever they want.

User Asset Browser

A fully-featured application which allows you to browse through all of the image/sound files a user has used in their YTMNDs.
(Note: Flash can't play WAV files, so the flash player will only appear for MP3 assets)

User Contributed Examples

Favorite Users Lists

Similar to YouTube's subscriptions system, this page will show the latest sites your favorite users have made.
Get your own or read more about it.

A YTMND Fight system

(work in progress, based off google fight)

YTMND Song Playlist Generator

Saves all songs from a user's account to computer, and generate a playlist. Reponses to this request
  • Response 1
Windows (Download | Mirror)
Other OS (Read readme.txt in Windows download)
Source (Download | Mirror)
  • Response 2
Web-based playlist generator. If you wish to examine the CGI script, go here. To view the actual webpage (and generate a playlist) go here
You can check on any new features that might be added, as well as suggest your own at the project wiki page