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Have an idea? Post it here and discuss uses of the API.

You can also post here if you are planning to develop a new API application to find people to collaborate with or just to make sure someone else isn't already working on something similar.


Application Requests

Comment Reply notification

A page that tells you if someone replies to one of your recent comments.

  1. API call to find your recent (30) comments
  2. API call for the comments on all those sites
  3. Filter through them and show the comments that have a parent_comment_id that matches the comment_id of one of your comments

mIRC or equivelent IRC newsfeed fetcher

script that can fetch information by request of user with ! command


input: !user_name:type
output: title - domain
types: random, highest, latest, etc.

Winamp Playlist Generator


plug-in/webpage that can generate m3u file of all of the sounds from a user's account. This would play the files directly from YTMND each time, so it would require being connected to the internet every time you want to play your playlist.