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YTMND Developer API

The YTMND Developer API or Developer Interface is a method of gathering information from YTMND for use in external applications. In its current form the API allows limited access to YTMND data via a standard REST interface and offers several response formats: XML, JSON, JavaScript, serialized PHP and YAML. In the future further data will most likely be available from this API. Currently there are no prerequisites to use the API, it is available to all for free, no YTMND account is currently required.

The API was created to allow technical users to create feature for use both on and off the site. The aim of the API is to provide maximum flexibility while having a fairly static data format. In many places, the API provides more data than is visibly available on the actual site itself. This was done in the hope that it would entice more developers to play with the API as well as the fact that a lot of data is not pertinent to every day viewing (also, max is lazy).