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Favorite Users Lists

Get Your Own Favorite Users Page

  • For now, this is all done manually.
  • Just create a list of names separated by commas and PM it to BTape on YTMND. (example: John, Ralph, Robert, Matt)


  • Statistics on your sites.
  1. Total Sites
  2. Average Rating
  3. Total Votes
  4. % that are Work Safe
  • Favorite Users
  1. Lists 5 most recent sites made by each of your favorite users separated into sites made today, this week, and previously.
  2. Shows a little icon next to users who also have favorite users pages, so you can check out the people your favorite users like.


  • Automation - Get database set up to allow people to easily create and edit their own lists.
  • Upon creation/editing of a fav user list verify each user on the list for spelling and capitalization.
  1. Users who don't exist (probably misspelled) are left out and logged to the user.
  2. Incorrect capitalization just gets corrected before being sent to the database.
  • Users can't favorite themselves.
  • No duplicates.
  • Redesign so it looks more like a part of YTMND (if popular opinion wants it)
  • Restructure how sites are displayed.
  • Statistics - Most fav'd, groups
  • Groups - Allow people to divide fav user lists into groups, then use these groups in a similar way as tags are used on
  • Info about more activity of your favorite users
    • Links to sites that your favorite users:
  1. Commented on recently
  2. Voted on recently
  3. Added to favorites recently