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Announced on 11/04/07, the contest for the best application which uses the API.

All entries must be added to this page by 11/31/07. Questions should be made on the talk page.


The collectors edition of the "World In Conflict" PC Game which includes an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall.

Three stacks of Fifty coupons for free Sobe Adrenaline Rush energy drink.

1st Prize for developing the best application will be your choice of any two of the prizes.

2nd and 3rd Prize will be one of whatever is left over.

Contest Entries

YTMND User .m3u Playlist Maker by angrybaby

Basically this allows you to create a .m3u playlist of all the sound clips of a YTMND user's sites. The code ain't to'll get the job done (written in Perl, no fancy javascript or PHP here), but I haven't tested it heavily. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read ALL of the instructions before doing anything. Questions/Comments would be welcome, drop me an email at theangrybaby[at] You can download and examine the CGI script here

You can check on any new features that might be added, as well as suggest your own at the project wiki page

YTMND-Fight system by survient

(similar to google fight)

Common Favorites by Trebek

For a given site, it searches through the people who favorited the site and tries to find the other most favorited sites among them. Currently working (I think). I haven't done much testing or anything, so it could probably screw up royally at any given moment. It also doesn't go terribly fast (Warning: if you try to do a site with 3000 favorites (cosbybebop), it might take a couple minutes but not as long as before now that its faster). I know the code is crappy too. I just pieced together stuff from the widget example and tutorials because I don't have much experience with Javascript, since I'm more of a PHP guy (Damn, having SQL would be so much easier for this...). Any comments would be helpful.

YTMND AOL Instant Messenger Robot by DryIce

Not yet functional. Status updates available at this project's wiki page.

Favorite Users Lists by BTape

Live, but the database support is still in progress.
That means if lots of people end up using this page it will take a while for each person's list to go up at first, because I have to do it manually.
See the Favorite Users page!
Get your own!