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Bom dia!

why is your name so familiar? i know you've been at ytmnd longer than i..but it's something else... --Moheevi 01:18, January 18, 2007 (CST)

hmmmm, well you should have lied often does a Hall of Fame and 100k Club (jokes is fuN) user comment on your stuff? also see PMs...i know tax as well.

also i know i don't make sense, i just think really fast and remember dumb shit that most people don't. also i'm a big Locutusofborg fan as evidenced by one of his sites...where i commented on it over 50 times.--Moheevi 01:31, January 18, 2007 (CST) - site is better than an average ytmnd...the comments are priceless. --Moheevi 01:41, January 18, 2007 (CST)

Hey moheevi, Lima probably sounds familiar because of the user Lina. I've noticed you've made quite a few contributions to the wiki recently, Lima. Good work. --Chav-Slayer

It is possible that moheevi was thinking of the vent user tomglima(Tom Gleemah).