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February 28th, 2006
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FSF Supreme

After a heated argument how peanut butter & chocolate does not mix, aspiring film student, richards6, was expelled from USC School of Cinematic Arts. Vowing that he would get the recognition that he deserves and speak of himself in the 3rd person, his journey of fame started.

Road to Nowhere

Unfortunately - his choice to pursue the genre of feature length gay bondage midget porn failed. In utter despair, richards6 almost was about to abandon his dream. His family insisted that he go into the family business of phrenology, but he insisted that there must be hope in faggy films. Perhaps feature length film was too large of an endeavor to start of with- maybe short subject films would open doors to the industry.

Google Be True?

Doing a search on Google for “faggy short films”- the first link was to a website, Could the realization of richards6 dreams be true? Upon entering the site, endless opportunities to produce FSF was a reality. His first production, Neo Wants It, demonstrated that FSF genre was an untapped source of entertainment that the public craved. After a several productions and moderate success, richards6 still felt an emptiness within himself. “Was there not a critic out there to challenge his works?” he thought to himself.

Drinking in the Accolades

Then on February 9, 2007, the great YTMND critic, Inkdrinker, posted a criticism on “Peter Giibons, Rebel Spy”.

“Only a caveman from some backward premodern culture would use linear

narrative as a crutch. Tell me about how your invisible sky wizard drags the sun across the sky so you don't have to sh*t yourself out of animalistic terror every time it goes dark, you pitiful subhuman.”


richards6 dreams truly became reality with those words.

Corn & Cats

Today he lives at home with his cats and corn kernel collection. He continues to make FSFs along with other crappy sites.

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