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Dschinghis Sonic, created 2006-08-01 13:21:09
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of 2007-07-25
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  • Has over 600,000 views accumulated.
  • YTMND's have been featured in many popular sites such as "We didn't start this Website".
  • Various mentions in popular YTMND sites.
  • Work is often stolen/plagarized.
  • YTMND images often posted on outside sites, such as 4chan and myspace.
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Britzman is a 16 year old high school student living in Georgia. He first discovered YTMND in 2004, as one of the top 10 members on the SEGA boards, when people started posting links to popular YTMND sites. It should be noted that he is a fad and ratings whore.

First Encounters

At first, britzman thought YTMND was pointless and silly because all the sites he clicked made no sense to him as they were mostly inside jokes. He disregarded it for a few months, until he decided to join in 2005 because of it's growing popularity.

Early Life

Britzman had no idea how to make his first YTMND, so he mashed together generic images of kittens with weird dance music. He had deleted all his early sites after he began to understand the concept of YTMND, and how unfunny his sites were. He started to discover what fads were and made his first real YTMND in early 2006, after being banned from the SEGA boards. His first site initially received great reception, but dropped to an unsatisfying 3.6. He was determined to make a sites that would get a good ratings. His early activity was very successful in producing many ****+ sites.


Britzman began to grow tired of YTMND and moved on to gaming and drawing, and took about a year off YTMND.

Current State

Britzman continued making YTMNDs in early 2007. His current site-making activity is greater than ever, and he has produced many lulz throughout the YTMND community. He has a policy of making generally fad sites and gets an erection for every ***** he achieves.

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