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Lots of you fucking scrubs are changing the examples to YTMNDs that have no relevance to the original fad starter. Fix this.
Oh hey please update the list in compliance with the remastered edition. -- fyrestorm 00:00, November 29, 2006 (CST)

Music DNS Service

I noticed that when I had MusicIP update all the tags in my libary that it changed around half of the YTMND soundtracks to read "YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 15" (as apposed to "YTMND Soundtrack - Volume 15" Obviously this isn't an epic problem but perhaps a list containing all the correct IDV3 information could be emailed to them at - It also move a few tracks from the albums itself.

This is the site for those wondering what it is - [1]

Volume (*18*) Suggestions

Currently Added

01 - YTMND - Intro To Volume Eighteen
02 - FireStorm(?) - Mario (Techno) (([2]--YouTube))
03 - ?
04 - ?
05 - ?
06 - ?
07 - ?
08 - ?
09 - ?
10 - ?
11 - ?
12 - ?
13 - ?
14 - ?
15 - ?
16 - ?
17 - ?
18 - ?
19 - ?
20 - ?
21 - ?
22 - ?


Please put List Link, Artist/Song, Fad descripion below. -- fyrestorm, September 4, 2006 (CDT)

You idiots were requesting songs already in the soundtrack, please try again. ^_^

Please LIST (Artist - Title) - (Site/Fad) - (Sound Origin List)

It's not a song, just a short loop. Original loop audio can be found here. BTape 06:33, July 17, 2007 (CDT)

Because I'm a bastard, I put my bid in for:

Intro suggestions

Other Discussion

Release Date and Cover

Is there any information about a release date or the cover for the Volume 18? JasonFrost 00:32, April 29, 2008 (CDT) is down

Torrentspy, the website that the TinyURLs point to, has closed down their website to US users. This is the message posted:

Sorry, but because you are located in the USA you cannot use the search features of the website.Torrentspy's decision to stop accepting US visitors was NOT compelled by any Court but rather an uncertain legal climate in the US regarding user privacy and an apparent tension between US and European Union privacy laws.

We'll have to find a way to redirect those TinyURL's, and/or find a new place to direct people to get the torrent. Roninbk 18:18, October 9, 2007 (CDT)

Torrentspy is now shut down, they apparently decided to do so because that way they wouldn't have to give any IPs and information they might have to the investigators that were pressing them to.Yum22Yum23 06:25, April 17, 2008 (CDT) That said the torrentbox 1-14 batch torrent has no seeds(though a batch of 1-16 is available on thepiratebay). Yum22Yum23 06:25, April 17, 2008 (CDT)

Name Mistake

Being a terribly geeky individual, I'd have to say that the name of Volume 5 track 8 is "Main Theme" or "Final Fantasy 7 Main Theme" instead of "Highwind takes to the sky" that is, if i haven't got the wrong version of this soundtrack.Yum22Yum23 04:32, May 6, 2008 (CDT)

So...will there be a volume 18?

...Or is the YTMND Soundtrack officially dead?

Sorry to be impatient, but it's been two years since volume 17 came out. Stmp 01:45, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

I'll do #18 if nobody else is going to. I definitely have some song ideas/requests. Lacrossestar83

Alright. Sounds good. Stmp 13:19, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Do it with my blessing. Don't fuck it up or make it suck though. -- fyrestorm 17:53, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

=Vote for Volume 17 on MusicBrainz

YTMND Soundtrack Volume 17 has been entered into MusicBrainz. Vote for the entry before it expires on the 25th. Behe101 06:53, August 14, 2008 (CDT)