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Original YTMND:
RRRRR: The Legend Of Moon Robot
by SmashFligaeta
August 7, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

These are sites that involves pasting random objects onto a (usually) bipedal robotic body. The name RRRRR, originally suggested by Kepledon in the main Gabbly chat, comes as a parody of fads that have sites titled YTMND: (x) where certain letters of YTMND are changed. It was originally suggested as YTMNR/YTRND, but it was decided that "Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot" was much funnier.

Completely by coincidence, or so the members of the FPA forums would have us believe, the RRRRR fad really got going the same night as (?x) was promoted. Since neither fad had any sort of explanation, many YTMND users concluded they were having a severe hangover because they didn't know what the heck was going on. As a result of this "coincidence," Fatalis created the site Can't we all just get along(?x) to negotiate peace between the fads.

RRRRR Sites (Sorted by Date)

From the AnniveRRRRRsary Revival