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Lawl, sory MixPro, I deleted the fad tag on accident. i was referrencing the extra YTMNDs that didnt have 15k+ views -_-. thx for RV. Belgianrofliron 15:33, August 12, 2006 (CDT)

"kaplan" only results in 10 YTMND hits for now, far from being a fad yet.

agreed, but the article should stay. Belgianrofliron 10:42, August 12, 2006 (CDT)

he threatened max with a lawsuit - that alone gets him a page on the wiki, and guarantees it WILL be a fad. - MasterSitsu

i disagree. it'll cause a lot of animosity, but so far, no site has gotten over 15k views besides the original. it deserves and article, as do all of YTMNDs legal threats, but it is not a fad. Belgianrofliron 10:41, August 12, 2006 (CDT)

- theres two pages of Lee Kaplan sites. its a fad. number of views is by no means an indicator of whether or not something is a fad, because that all depends on the time of day it is posted (so it can get top 15) as well as mass acceptance to stay on up and coming. if a zillion people make a site about X and it only pleases half of YTMND and they all get a 3.5 and 1000 views each, its still a fad. also, two sites have gotten over 15 thousand views and one is nearing 15000 anyways. - MasterSitsu

Absolutely damn right, this is an instant fad. No one else in the pantheon of YTMND will ever earn the sobriquet of "Douchebag" quite like Lee Kaplan, or will ever again. nutnics 08:57, August 9, 2006 (PST)

that doesnt mean its a fad. its all retaliatory. there are going to be 2165165 shitty ytmnds about it, not any good quality ones. it doesnt qualify as a fad. Belgianrofliron 10:41, August 12, 2006 (CDT)

Hey, someone should change "investigative" to "inveistigative" Marty4286 16:43, August 9, 2006 (CDT)

Actually, no, just put a [sic] tag after it. It's important to know that the gentleman in question has crappy spelling Belgianrofliron 10:41, August 12, 2006 (CDT)
You can do it. It's a wiki /;-p
It was my way of saying "lol what do you think of this idea?" Marty4286 00:48, August 10, 2006 (CDT)