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Lee Kaplan
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Original YTMND:
Lee Kaplan is a douchebag.
by prettypedantic
June 11, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

Lee Kaplan is an self-proclaimed inveistigative joiurnalist [sic] and a contributor to Front Page Magazine. He is also a regular columnist employed by the Israel National News and Canada Free Press. He is also a senior intelligence analyst, and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Cease and Desist Notice

Mr. Kaplan wrote ytmnd and objected to his copyrighted photo being posted on the Web with an offensive name and pointed out in the sites terms of use that use of the site for personal attacks was not allowed. He requested the page be removed, but instead found himself under attack. These attacks included pasting his head onto pornographic images and other obscene material. He is in the process of pursuing legal action against ytmnd.

Max made public Kaplan's e-mail here and included his own comments. Here is the mail itself:

Subject: Re Lee Kaplan is a "douchebag"
It has come to my attention that you are using a theatrical photo of me (I work as a professional actor as well as an inveistigative joiurnalist) with the caption "Lee Kaplan is a douchebag."
These smears are usually put together by anti-Israel activists in the US. First, you do not have my permission to use my likeness unless you remove the douchebag comment accompanying it. Second, .I would think if you have some class, you would not let your site be used to smear people, especially without explanation.
My brother is a powerful litigating attorney and if I have to bring my family into suing you, I will. However,'
I am asking you amicably to remove the entire entry or delete the "douchebag" comment that is entirely vulgar and serves no purpose other than to smear me on the Internet.
Please respiond to this in writing.
Lee Kaplan (not a douchebag)

Official Response

Instead of politely removing the page according to the Website's own terms of use, a campaign of vilification and smears using the photo was begun. Samples of this are to the right. The lastone contains an email not written by Lee Kaplan that clearly misspells his name.

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