Lol, internet

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lol, internet
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Original YTMND:
lol internet
by Dunkinbean
April 7,2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
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lol, internet or Steam, Steam is a fad involving popular YTMND characters moving quickly in some sort of vehicle as they laugh (or lol) at certain objects, topics, or ideas.

It was originally created by Dunkinbean on March 7, 2005, showing Ronald McDonald pointing upwards at the sky. At the same time, he is pictured driving a convertible and saying lol, internet! Max Coveri's Running in the 90s playing in the background. Though the site was made in March, the fad was never really picked up until November 2005 when the site Captain Picard's New Ship was created. Since then, handfuls of YTMNDs of variable quality are created every week.

A typical "lol, internet" YTMND would have a character (commonly Ronald McDonald) in a moving vehicle or item overlaid on a motion-blurred background. Over their head in a speech bubble would be the phrase "lol, [object]!" where [object] can be any imaginable item.

LOL Collision

LOL Collision is a sub-fad to "lol, internet". It features two or more characters from lol, internet-inspired YTMNDs involved in a collision.

Typically, they do two flashbacks from one character to the next before the "crash", typically involving a nuclear detonation.

The original YTMND features Ronald McDonalddriving a blue sports car, and Jean luc Picard piloting an 18th-century-esque galleon or frigate. They appear to be driving towards each other when the screen suddenly switches to a nuclear explosion (most likely a detonation at the Bikini Atoll).

Other Versions

The PTKFGS version substitutes Ronald McDonald and his blue sports car for Colonel Sanders in a white golf cart saying "omg, internet", together with a loop of Max Coveri's Golden Age.

The YesYes version features The King in a white and brown boat saying "WTF, internet," with a loop of Barthezz' On The Move, but it was later updated to Max Coveri's Master Power.

The GAYTMND version features Lance Bass (unlike the others that have a fastfood mascots) in a rainbow spaceship saying "golly, internet", with a loop of Aqua's Roses Are Red

There are also 4 other versions for the 4th Corner.

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