Future Conan

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Future Conan
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Original YTMND:
Conan in the Future
by wtfuxz
December 31, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
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Future Conan is a fad that shows American talk show host Conan O'Brien in the future enslaving the world. The original YTMND, Conan in the Future, was actually an edit of a syncan YTMND called Conan ... has GONE INSANE!, which is a part of the Conan is... fad. Besides borrowing from syncan, the creator of the fad also borrowed from the Apple Computer, Inc. television ad "1984".[1] Spinoffs, such as Future Conan is defeated use more of the ad than the original YTMND. The main music used in the fad is the classic Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), which is available on Volume 8 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

The footage of Conan O'Brien used in the original Future Conan YTMND comes from an episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien from late 2005, in which Conan is mocking an Abe Vigoda impersonator banging trashcan lids together in a Late Night comedy segment called "New Off-Broadway Shows".

The fad has been just as popular as the original "Conan Is..." fad, and has spawn various "Future" spinoffs featuring other fads. In some fad conglomerates, both Alligator Conan and Future Conan may be used.

Top five

In a period, the YTMND top five only listed YTMNDs featuring Conan O'Brien. [2]


There seems to be a very loose storyline to the Future Conan YTMND.

The story appears to follow a trend as to the original Future Conan message, as well as his later demands for loyalty, to his first demise through sledgehammer.

An alternate reality is created by the appearances of two "Wizards in Time" who stop the destruction of Conan's screen. In this alternate timeline, it appears that Conan is once again defeated; this time by Chuck Norris.

Both alternate timelines end with the judgment of Future Conan.


An approximated timeline follows:

                                                 |                                     |
Conan travels to the Dark Ages          Conan in Midieval Times                        |
                                                 |                                     | 
Conan moves to conquer the recent past  Future Conan in the Past                       |
                                                 |      |                              |
                                                 |   Subliminal Future Conan Message   |
                                                 |                                     |
                                        Unknown period of time                         |
                                                 |                                     |
Conan's original appearance             Conan in the Future                            |
                                                 |                 Conan travels back in time 
Once established, loyalty is demanded   Conan Demands Loyalty       to establish control of past
                                                 |                                     |
                                        Unknown period of time ------------------------
                                                / \
Timeline splits into separate realities        /   \
                                              /     \
                                       Reality 1   Reality 2
                                           |         / \ 
                     Future Conan is defeated!*     /   \
                          |                        /     \
                          |                 Reality 2a  Reality 2b      Timeline splits again
                          |                      |         | 
                          |  LOL, Collison interferes   Future Conan part 3: Wizards in Time
                          |                      |         |
                          |                      |      Chuck Norris intervenes
                          |                      |         |    
                           \                     |        /
Conan is convicted in   Future Conan is Judged and Sentenced
 each scenario.

*Subsequently, Futurama Conan is also destroyed. This shows a
  different, cartoon version of the same scenario.

This list may be incomplete. However, it shows the majority of related YTMNDs and their appropriate places on the Future Conan timeline.

Another alternate scenario is presented in The Future History of Conan O'Brien. It reveals a war which Conan wins in preparation for world domination.

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