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Join date
September 3, 2005
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: *** of January 18, 2007
Notable Sites:


YTMND user Lima has been an active YTMND community member since August 10th, 2005 7:52:40 PM, spending a great deal of time fairly critiquing sites. In addition to creating a few sites of his own, Lima has participated, since 2005, in the YTMND Forums on an irregular basis, and was noted to have several lengthy disputes with Inkdrinker.

I am likely a YTMNDer

Lima is the older brother of YTMND user tomglima and is a member of the 5,000 Votes Club.

Basic Philosophy

Any site that has a significant amount of effort put into it, should get a 3, according to Lima. Exceptions to this rule pertain to awful sites, overdone or replicated sites, and sites made by users who show a gross misconduct in their treating of fellow community members.

Aside from voting 1's on awful sites, Lima's most common vote is a 4, reflecting his generosity towards effort and quality in a YTMND.

To date (1/17/07), Lima hath voted accordingly:

* 2207
** 344
*** 571
**** 1739
***** 302

*FAV!* 35

Average Rating: A DEAD EVEN 2.53
Vote Total: 5163

The 5 Star rating should be reserved only for the best of sites, in Lima's opinion. "Any further use, including upvoting, decries the very meaning of a 5 star vote."

In the past

Userbox05er.jpg This user joined YTMND in 2005.
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Picardsong.jpg This user loves Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, and rooted for him in the Picard/Batman war.
PTKFGS Logo.png This user knows how to Punch the keys for gods sake!
Yesyes.png This user likes to scream out loud "Yes... YES!"
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