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This is a basic list of some of the alternate universe remakes of fads.

YTMND PTKFGS YesYes 4th Universe*
Original YTMND Punch The Keys For God's Yes, YTMNSTFU,
lol, internet "omg, internet", "ROFL; books" "WTF, internet", Alternate "fbi, internet"
Brian Peppers Marvin Stevens
O RLY? R U SHUR? how do u no? SRSLY?
Nigga Stole My Bike! Spic stole my bike No one stole my bike
Secret Nazi Secret Communist Secret Terrorist
Batman: Ualuealuealeuale Joker: Chacarron Chacarron Aliluliron, Green Hornet: Bubabebubeba Robin: Bebabubandedanbandur
Math is pwned Math is solved Screw math!
Gay Fuel Lesbian Energy Man Fuel
Medieval Ancient Egyptian
Ridin' Spinnaz Riding Around No spinners
Safety Not Guaranteed Security not Ensured Push it to teh Limits
Future Conan Future Leno
Moskau Rasputin, Volga
Picard Song Sheridan Song Solo Song
Tom Cruise kills Oprah Oprah kills Tom Cruise
Takeshi Kaga I love green apples!
Wonderful Time G-man's Terrible Time, Barney isn't having much of a time
Stapler Not my beautiful stapler
Thwomp'd Stapler gets Whomp'd Stapler gets Chomp'd
Sony PSP Nintendo DS, Sega Nomad
inkdrinker Upvotes
Lindsay Lohan Changes facial expressions, Ashley Tisdale
Hobo-cruise Hobo-Cruise gets chased
What is Love? Bohemian Rhapsody
Barrel Roll Try a somersault Use the Brake!
KHAN! Kirk.
Where is your God now? I am your god now! Ronald McDonald
Yiddish Bauman Emails a dramatic reading a Catrman'ic reading / Yiddish Cup Holy Grail / lyrics / friends / The max emails a rather generic reading / "wicked" / steals content / College Humor stole /
The robots have taken me please send help. I Have taken the robots I Don's need any asistance. / The robots saved me. / the robots have taken jhn connor please send help /
Snape Kills Dumbledore Dumbledore kills Snape / on page 606 / oswald kills kenedy
stapler "This is not my beautiful stapler" (mine is not blue) / bush believe you have my weapon / Put my stapler inside the jelly again / [stappler tape dispenser]
Sonic Mario / super sonic advice "thats good" / shadow gives orders
Bill Stickers Bill Posters / bill stickers is guilty
pi scrambled / sqrt(2) / e "3" /
changes does not change changes a lot / "and just other faces"
new orleans white new orleans (in KKK dress)
Jesus Satan / jesus: muhamad / burger king: Jesus "Wheres your burger king now? lol" / jesus / Buddah / moses
blue ball machine green ball machine / red commie ball machine / red ball machine
Chuck norris  : Steven Seagal / Jack Bauer / Clint Eastwood / Bruce Lee / Patrick Swayze /

chuck norris can stop the rock / ??? / chuck norris facts (facts from wikipedia) / Walker /

weakness  : no weakness / one power / one strength
rejected accepted megaman villain / allowed protoman villain
macgyver fails the day / Jack O'Neill restores

Mackgyver saves? / angela lansbury saves star trek

dew dewnavy (with original lyrics?) / !!!WED / army octopus army ???
meth smoked marijuhana / did heroin
math is destroyed. math is solved
connery "mission impossible" / dunno how
nye fails science / Candance the science gal
ayb [1] all your bass
Chunk is destructable / picard is indestructible / chunk is vulnerable is destructible
lose Youre the winner / lose wrong sir / wrong sir wrong
x UPS goan Give it to Ya (2x)
Marin i hate you!
todays secret word gets censored
Offensive Muslim catroons Offensive Judaism Cartoons
Sailor Moon Sakaki vs. Sailor Moon ("Sailor Moon vs.", not "Sailor Moon Meets...")
cant see this you cant see or hear shit youre banned idiot you cant see this
summon ice spirit
for porn
Future Trebek (lasers enterprise)
great moment terribler moments in traffic history
bush does care about black people
gameboy for gamegear
RIP means right in place
raffi mario phone
spanish inquisition gay black jewish clansmen
nintendo Sega
medieval ancient (egypt hieroglyphs, greece paintings)
mario super world (slower)
what is what is cowbell
khan kirk
pass gandalf lets you pass
therapy cruise doesnt need therapy
Homer Peter
ninja pirates
2:33 am
Google thanks google
Work it rock workd it
Age 9 art
DuckTales English Ducktales re-interpreted into Dutch
censored porn uncensored porn
blob juggernaut white queen
you lose wrong sir
work it future tale maker
dew for real
YTMND Game Boy for gamegear
seizes controll seizes power
Lemon Party Apple fest
todays magic word
[[orleans] LA
lounge parlor



The fourth universe refers to any other universe which the logo is pasted on the bottom left hand corner. This includes "Heh", "Typing Noises", "YTMSTFU", and "BHOTW".
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