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Original YTMND:
Kerry Summons a Fire Spirit
by paphan
October 7, 2004
Worthy Spinoffs:
Music used:
  • Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis - Navras

The Summon fad usually involves a picture of someone "summoning" a fire spirit into existence. The fire spirit often appears between the person's hands. The original was "Al Gore Summons a Fire Spirit!!!!!" by Phange and did not feature The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film trailer score now associated with the "summoning" YTMNDs, but instead featured a remix of the Zero Wing theme heard in the All Your Base flash animation.

The fad truly took off two months later, with the creation of "Kerry Summons a Fire Spirit" by paphan, which for the first time utilized the trailer music (a re-orchestrated version of the musical theme from the film Requiem for a Dream) in the "summoning" context. Incidentally, The Two Towers trailer music later resurfaced as "Requiem for a Tower".

Sites didn't really take much effort, as the only thing modified in most of these images was the addition of a red "fire spirit". Some sites had different spirits being summoned, mainly as a joke. Early sites picked on many politicians since the original one was John Kerry. Later on, animated sites became popular including "Conan...SUMMONS A FIRE SPIRIT". The fad would die down in early 2005, but not until bringing in a major slew of fad music that would be used in the years to come.

Music choices

The Two Towers trailer theme wasn't the only popular choice of music for the fad. Many other tracks were used, the most popular including:

"Navras" - Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis

"Roll Tide" - Hans Zimmer

"Escape" - Craig Armstrong

"Ghost Love Score" - Nightwish

All five tracks were included on the YTMND Soundtrack. "Requiem for a Tower" and "Navras" were included on Volume 5. "Roll Tide" is on Volume 3, "Ghost Love Score" is on Volume 6, and "Escape" on Volume 2.