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'crudely drawn' !??!??!?! PSSSHHHHH. whatev -dctownes

this wiki is full of shit talk and is a violation of some lame policy im about to make up BTape 00:01, September 17, 2007 (CDT)

I realize that "crudely drawn" could be interperted as a negative comment, but I was purely trying to describe the content contained in the YTMND, if you can think of a better adjactive please update the wiki article with it. I realzie that a great deal of effort was put into the details of the console in part 6, but I needed to describe the drawing style somehow and it is quite crude by modern standards. BTape, what "shit talk" are you refering to? The only item that could be considered that is the description as "crudely drawn" and I have already explained that above. Drwav 17:45, September 17, 2007 (CDT)

sorry drwav, I was just kidding. BTape 18:48, September 17, 2007 (CDT)

im sorry too drwav, just lookin out for my boy Click, cuz that mofo can DRAW (also thanks for making this wiki entry) -dctownes