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A series of YTMNDs started on January 28, 2007 created by the user Click featuring two animated cosmonauts and their activities on the surface of Mars. These YTMNDs feature unique minimalist electronic music consisting of only the most basic beep-like sounds, however the most distinctive aspect of the sites are the descriptions which tell the story behind the animations. As of July 07, 2008 there are currently seven YTMNDs in this series.

  1. Life on Mars
    We have just touched down on Mars, and Cosmonaut #1 pours out some O-E for the homies to mixed results since the gravity on Mars is 1/3rd the gravity on their homeland, Reznblaz, Russia. Cosmonaut #2 urinates in his suit.
  2. Life on Mars pt.2
    Day 1 on Mars and Cosmonaut #2 finds life forms around the base of Olympus Mons. Tommorow we attempt to scale the mountain that stands 17 miles above the floor. Cosmonaut #1 said he forgot his urine filter, he wants to back to the landing pod to get it.
  3. Life on Mars pt.3
    Cosmonauts take Mars buggy to the designated coordinates to build BioDome. Location near Cydonia situated at 38°45' north latitude and 8.5°26' west longitude. Area designated by flight commander Spilskin back in Russia. Cosmonaut #1 drinks filtered urine.
  4. Life on Mars pt.4
    Reaching the Nepenthes Canal near Syrtis Major, Cosmonauts 1 and 2 happen upon Gary Busey. His adaptation to the surrounding atmosphere is common for genus gbusey, that he had 3 burger paddies already cooking raised concern among the Cosmonauts.
  5. Life on Mars pt. 5
    Upon reaching the Tharsis region of Mars, the Cosmonauts find a frozen stream surrounded by thick, durable stalks of pungent native vegetation. Cosmonaut 2 takes some ice samples to the biodome. Cosmonaut 1 picks buds of the strange plant.
  6. Life on Mars pt. 6
    As Olympus Mons blows it's 30 mile high top, hot ash and lava begin to spew and flow dangerously close to the Cosmonauts inside the bio-dome. Cosmonuat #2 doesn't seem to notice and experiments with the Mars weed. The Pepsi machine is out of syrup.
  7. Life on Mars pt. 7
    The Cosmonauts happen upon the Phoenix Mars Lander. The Americans must be amazed at the appearance of water under the dusty surface..Something that our intrepid adventurers have known for months. Cosmonaut #1 thinks he hears something.

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