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Bio--The Real Shit about Wolf 7x6

Wolf7x6 is a guy that uses YTMND as a recreational basis. Though he hasn't submitted much himself, he enjoys most of the fads. His favorite fads include NEDM, Sonic Advice, The fad fad (the fad that displays multiple fads. Eg: Megaman menu fad), 300, The Spanish Inquisition, and various other fads. As far as voting goes, generally wolf is an upvoter, voting fives for everything that he finds mildly amusing and a 1 for things he thinks is stupid.

When not on YTMND, Wolf7x6 is usually on YouTube, watching the Yugioh Abridged Series, Derrick Comedy, or various other groups's work.

Wolf is a 22 year old bachelor who lives at home, goes to a second rate university, and works as a substitute teacher. The main challenge of the day is to not repeat any of the stuff he hears on YTMND outloud while the kids are present.

General interests

Wolf is an avid reader, including fantasy. The only real TV he watches is The Dresden Files, 24, Heroes, and a few comedy shows. Wolf wants to be an author and a librarian when he "grows up."

Wolf considers himself to be a nerd (which probably isn't far from true.) He wears the mask in the picture because he is convinced it looks cool. He doesn't paintball. He bought it for the lesser sport airsoft and he doesn't even play that much anymore. To tell you the truth, the mask sits around the house and doesn't collect dust because he uses it pictures of himself, such as the one in the box.

The Internet

Wolf rarely ever uses this screen name and often changes them at the drop of a hat. Some of the better known user names include, but are not limited to: Sameth, Megatron, Lord Megatron, Evorn, Sylar, Sylar03, Sameth03, etc. No one really knows WHY he changes user names. Perhaps there is something in the lack of ability to trace him through forums he visits, or maybe he likes change a bit too much.

(All of this submitted by Wolf7x6, who wouldn't blame those that would want to get rid of it.)