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Original YTMND:
by NorthAmericanDangerDuo
February 15, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

300TMND is a fad based on the movie 300, or, more accurately, the trailer. It is a series of YTMNDs somehow revolving around the movie, but in particular, based on a YTMND entitled "300TMND: THIS IS SPARTAAAA!" that appeared a month before the film's release, created by the user NorthAmericanDangerDuo. The site features an edit of the scene from the first 300 trailer where King Leonidas holds the Persian messenger at sword-point at the ledge of a giant well. In the trailer (and movie) The messenger says "This is Blasphemy! This is Madness" to which Leonidas replies "This is Sparta!" and kicks him into the well. The site not only edited the scene into Gif form, but extended the 'Sparta' part of Leonidas's yell and made him kick the messenger into a building, destroying it.

300TMND was actually intended by the author to be a series of different 300-related YTMNDs, not a fad simply based on the "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!" 300TMND. However, its popularity quickly escalated and completely overshadowed all other 300TMNDs that weren't related to the "This is Sparta!" scene of the 300 trailers. 300TMND's based on other scenes have had more limited success, with the most popular ones, Leonidas is unstoppable and Graphic Novel vs. Film were both created by NorthAmericanDangerDuo, though there have been sites made by other users as well, such as How to motivate your troops by somerandomguy29. In addition, there have been several YTMNDs based on 300 but not labeled as 300tmnd sites, such as Arcadians are Losers. The site That's Racist is prefixed with '300' instead of '300tmnd' as well.

The music used for these sites is usually the same music the original trailer used, Nine Inch Nails' "Just Like You Imagined".

Despite the -tmnd suffix, 300tmnd isn't considered an alternate universe.