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--Warsman11 22:15, July 5, 2006 (CDT)I made some ytmdns de deadsa.

--Warsman11 22:25, July 4, 2006 (CDT)


Dono the bk prince Example.jpg

Dono the bk prince

Donovan is also a prince in the burger king world and has tryed to destory him many times.

warsman11 era

For a while Warsman11 got banned from sites. So far he has killed karn. Slapped billbooth and set chuck noris on fire he also began the YTMND vs ebaumbs war however gets no credit.

king of kings

I like that song so STFU.

Worst YTMND creater ever

Why because i can upleoad the god dam music to my god dam ytmnd that is why assholes now stop asking.

ytmnd quiz take it.

YTMND wiki

I have made the cyberman, iam a superstar and of course mine and enemeys of YTMND..

Warsman11 in the media

warsman11 has been metetioned on the [ Cousinjoeshow]. i talk to them live on aim and suggest ideas.

Warsman11 was also talked about on the OT talk with longe_act.