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Join date
September 23, 2005
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: *****
...as of June 10, 2006
Notable Sites:


Infobox to detail a notable user (someone with an article). Can also be used on your own userpage. If this isn't detailed enough, go check {{YTMNDer Detailed}}.


{{YTMNDer Infobox|name=
|join date=
|birth date=
|site average=
|vote average=


  • name = Username. Will default to the name of the article if none is selected.
  • image = filename of the uploaded image (Image:file.jpg). It'll automagically resize itself to 200 pixels.
  • join date = Date the user joined YTMND or the date of their first site.
  • site average = the approximate number of stars their sites get collectively, rounded to the nearest whole number. Add one star (*) for sites that get 1 star, and five stars (*****) for sites that get 5 stars...duh...
  • vote average = their average votes (the approximate number of stars they give to other sites). This is on their votes page, just above the vote spread chart.
  • date = the date the above stats were counted. Use today's date if you updated it
  • site1site5 = Subdomain of their five most famous sites. Captions (optional) should be the title of the ytmnd. If no caption exists, the caption will be the subdomain.


The code below creates the infobox shown.

{{YTMNDer Infobox|name=syncan
|join date=September 23, 2005
|birth date=unknown
|site average=****
|vote average=*****
|date=June 10, 2006
|Caption1=Willy Wonka's Acid Trip (YTMNLSD)
|Caption2=Tom Cruise Needs Therapy
|Caption3=Right Now It's YTMND
|Caption4=Can't Break My Stride
|Caption5=YTMND FLASH! (No Refresh!)