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Currently this group consists only of max. Until he lets go a little and learns to trust some of the super moderators with the administration of the site, he will be maintaining his current level of moderation. The responsibilities will include: approving deletion requests of users and sites, watching over super-moderators, working with the entire moderation team to improve the system and streamline the process.

YTMND Front Page Super-Moderators

Super moderators will have a new level of access which will enable the majority of the day to day moderation which max does to be done by YTMND users.

Super-mods have the ability to access logs and some sensitive user information, and as such will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to give YTMND the something to stand on in the case that a super mod decides to go AWOL.

Super moderators have the same abilities as regular moderators but their main responsibility is overseeing the moderators and making sure they are doing their jobs properly. Super moderators will have access to full moderation logs, meaning they can see the action of any other moderator or super mod. They will also be able to go through the dupe account list and the automagic "gimmick account finder" list.

They will be able to view the full login log of any user if needed to solve many of the problems that arise. An integral part of the new system is the deletion system. Allowing moderators to delete sites at their discretion is extremely problematic and causes a lot of push-back from the users. The deleting of sites and users requires a more attentive stance. It is because of this that the deletion of any site or user requires an administrator's direct approval.

Super-Moderators were hand picked by max in early 2007. Most regular front page moderators at the time were made into Super-Moderators. Several new additions were made to the team at the same time, including ROY4L, Typogra, PirateSteve, alextide32, notdsk and xXWaspXx.

YTMND Front Page Moderators

These 2nd-tier front page mods will have the ability to mark sites as safe or not safe for work and flag a site for review by a superior (Super-Moderators or Max). Moderators no longer have the ability to kill sites due to abuse. Front Page Moderators do not have to power to select the sites that show up in "Moderator Favorites", due to the way the Favorite system works, only Max has this ability. Front Page Moderators also do not have the ability to ban users or change votes/views. On December 25 2006, Max announced that there are to be a couple hundred new moderators selected in the new year. A new Moderator Control Panel is presently in development, which will expand the overall efectiveness of the moderation staff.

YTMND Ventrilo Moderators

YTMND Ventrilo Moderators have special privileges within the YTMND Ventrilo server, hosted by fyrestorm. They can create, lock, and delete channels, and can kick and ban users and their subnets, along with a few other privileges.

Fyrestorm gives moderator status to whomever he sees fit. Usually they are responsible, long-time Ventrilo users who have likely donated to keep the Ventrilo up. For more information on YTMND Ventrilo, including a full list of moderators, see here

YTMND SFW Forum Moderators

SFW Forum moderators take the role of the usual Vbulletin Moderators; Banning, post-moderation, spam-killing, etc. This category currently consists of clay, ROY4L, Snaxe and xXWaspXx. The forum is overseen and administrated by max and clay.

YTMND NSFW Forum Moderators

The NSFW Forums have a unique stance on moderation. The forum is administrated and overseen by "Chocolate Moderators" LeadPaint and clay. The 2nd tier is called "Decorated disabled veterans trying to get their lives back together after 9/11" which consists of max and clay. Below that is what's called the "faggot patrol", which consists of americans_are_fat, Baron Macabre, faggot patrol, jesuitx, kittycat84, late, Nickkk, rellik and r_a_m_e_n.

YTMND IRC Moderators

Typically this consists of angrignon, fwp, jc, max and sometimes clay. (max, angrignon and fwp are ircops on EFnet.)