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August 3rd, 2005
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"Who are these mysterious figures who sweep the land, and leave behind their mark, one star, and a single word "anime"? No one knows." --Raichuman99

Raichuman99 was born from God's penis. He came to Earth in 200,000,000 B.C. and began eating all the dinosaurs. By 65,000,000 B.C., they were extinct. Then he made 504 babies with a hot lady. The first 500 were totally kickass ninjas, and the last 4 were Led Zeppelin. Then the 500 ninjas built a giant fortress where he could drink Coke, play video games, rave, and surf the internet all he wanted.

The real story

Who am I kidding? Raichuman99 is a self-admitted lame YTMNDer. His greatest accomplishment is getting one site to the Up & Coming. It was also his first YTMND to keep a rating of over 4.00 for a few hours, but since then it has decreased.

He is also a fan of the Gabbly Chat. While not visiting the chatroom that much, he notably collaborated with three other users in the four-YTMND boom that helped Beans and Cornbread become popular (His was the least popular, partially due to his lack of Audacity and good editing skills. Later, he got Audacity and began to work on his editing skills) Later, he created a another site which got a better rating.

Raichuman99 believes that the controversial subject of anime is not a bad thing. He often states that users' hate of anime is irrational, and even created a site. His philosophy on anime in YTMND is that not all anime is bad, and he believes that the reason anime is getting such a negative reputation is all the cosplayers and nerds who have stained the public opinion.

To this day he remains a YTMND user, although he's still quite a sucky one. He hopes to improve in the future.

Also, cocks.

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