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Gabbly Chat

Gabbly is a chat room website. The way it works is it puts a chat room on whatever website you are currently visiting. The main room for Gabbly chat for ytmnd would be on the front page. You type it in the browser as

How did it start?

Gabbly was not to big on YTMND and it is still not that big. Most Gabbly users started to chat on Gabbly after the user the-giva found it and started to comment spam it in place of the user's usual COOKIE 4 U ^_^

The Sites

The first Gabbly site was made by the user mik3m. It was a screen shot of Gabbly chat with the music "This is how we do it" in the backround. Gabbly sites are most often posted under the user Dr-Gabbly with the occasional exception. The sites only follow a rough focus of using Text To Speech to replace words/phrases with things like "Gabbly" "Fag Party" or "Fagalicious."

The official Gabbly song is "Lovefool" by the Cardigans, and is featured in multiple YTMNDs. The original Gabbly song was "This is How We Do It." The music in the Fag Party Avengers' anthem is "What Shall We Die For" from the soundtrack to Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End.

Its Purpose

Gabbly allows chatting for anyone who wants to continue to look at the front page. It also allows YTMND users to connect without using other software.


Many veteran users - particularly Max Goldberg himself - condemn Gabbly and believe that it is a poor man's IRC. Ironically, those who often use Gabbly find it superior to IRC.

Remember, only the cool kids use Gabbly, so if you're a fag go use IRC.

Gabbly is not overly popular with many users, but its patrons view it as a small sub-community of YTMND as credible as Vent or the forums.

The Fag Party Avengers (New FPA)

After a handful of raids on,, and the live chat of, frequents of decided to make their little band of spammers official. They declared themselves The Fag Party Avengers (or "The New FPA"), the official raid team of, and the unofficial one of YTMND itself.

The name is a play on the Forgot Poland Army and the "Fag Party" jokes. The New FPA holds no animosity towards the original FPA, and wish to create an alliance with them in the future.

The elite members/founders of the New FPA - depicted as a cross between YTMND-related avatars and the cover of Gwar's Violence Has Arrived - are, from left to right, SmashFligaeta, farkle (known as "Bill" in Gabbly), TheDudeVonDoom (self-appointed leader), mik3m, and steakman. This is the complete list of New FPA members:

Lyrics for "The Fag Party Anthem" by SmashFligaeta

My gabblyness:

To never use IRC, and never use Vent.

And so it shall be...

This is Gabbly, the FPA,

We raid all night, we raid all day.

And I'm here, just here to say,

If you land in our sites, you're gonna turn gay.

Gabbly, Gabbly,

Tis the holy fag party.

Gabbly, Gabbly,

Tis the holy fag party.

Alternative Gabbly Theme

And alternative to Love Fool and The Fag Party Anthem is the song I Gabbly, written and performed by an assembly of Gabbly Fags.


After people in the FPA got tired of being labeled FPA, a replacement organization was established. It's mandate is this site the gabbly lodge. MasonTMND is meant to have an ongoing story plot.


Recently many users have been creating Gabbly based sites, a sort of mini-fad going on. The most popular is COLBERT LOVES GABBLY by filibuster.


  • rodheh now is inhabiting the gabbly chat, along with TuRtLeS and a couple moar guys. *rodheh is the most common gabbly user you see now.