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Levar Burton does not approve of spoilers, created 2005-07-17 12:18:46
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That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.


In the summer of 2000, Necronomicon went to the local campus movie theater with some friends, and he witnessed the greatest movie trailer that ever existed. The movie they had intended to see was quickly forgotten, and "You're the man now, dog!" became a running joke among his friends well before had ever existed. Every time a game of Beiruit was won, or someone pulled an amazing comeback in Super Tecmo Bowl out of thin air, rest assured the phrase "You're the man now, dog!" was shouted. Little did he know the phrase would spawn an internet phenomenon.

Necronomicon discovered in late 2001, and he was not surprised when it became a hit in his dorm. It wasn't uncommon to hear Sean Connery's dulcet tones eminating from three or four different rooms at once, as students would leave the site runnning on a loop for hours while they were away at class. Only in the morning. That's like an alarm clock!

Necronomicon discovered ytmnd in June of 2005, when this IGN page linked to several ytmnds, including NOOOller Coaster, Vader on Wheel of Fortune, and Vader turns on a light switch. He registered in July and quickly made several awful sites that got decent ratings simply because they were part of the then-popular ONE weakness fad. Slowly he began to lose interest in ytmnd, as its sensibilities degenerated into a quagmire of self-reference, its users becoming less interested in making humorous sites and more about referencing each others' fads and combining them into every possible permutation. In October 2005, Necronomicon said goodbye to ytmnd forever.

Then in May 2006, almost exactly one year after his first discovery of ytmnd, Necronomicon decided to check back on the site, to see if it was still the same inside-joke factory that it was when he had left it. To his astonishment, the site had undergone a Renaissance in his absence, led by users like MasterSitsu and syncan among many others. A war had been waged with eBaum that had completely passed him by. Hundreds, if not thousands, or brilliant sites had come and gone without his notice. Users like zer0hue had even experimented with ytmnd as an art form, with limited success. It was clear that this was not the ytmnd he had left behind. This was a newer, stronger ytmnd, hardened by the fires of war and refocused into a laser beam of comic precision. This was a ytmnd he could stand behind. This was a ytmnd that he could respect.

Necronomicon's name is a reference to H.P. Lovecraft. Not Army of Darkness. Not Warcraft III. Necronomicon thinks it's important to make that distinction. Also he finds it very disconcerting to write about himself in the third person.


Necronomicon's first twenty sites or so were very half-assed and not particularly worthwhile. It wasn't until he made Jeopardy Judges Revealed that he decided to make more of an effort with his sites. It was also when he discovered that he is not very good at editing images. At first he tried to overcome this deficiency, by putting more effort into his sites, but when he spent over twenty hours struggling to edit his next ytmnd, Whose Film Noir is it Anyway? only to see it flop with only 11 votes, he decided it's not worth his time. Nearly every one of Necronomicon's sites since then has used unedited images, as he shifted his focus to sound and sound editing.

Retirement and Return

On September 22, 2007, Necronomicon decided to retire from making ytmnd's, citing a dissatisfaction with the direction of the site and the lack on effective moderation. His last site, titled Bye (for now), left open the possibility for a return to making sites should things change in the future. Ten months later, in a particularly nostalgic mood, Necronomicon broke his self-imposed exile and made What YTMND Needs, intended to be a one-off reminder to ytmnders of all that once made the site great, and could do so again. His hope was to inspire people to get back to the basics of what made ytmnd great, but he soon realized the hypocrisy of asking others to help return ytmnd to glory while refusing to contribute himself. Two weeks later, amid a flurry of other users announcing their own retirements, Necronomicon decided to return for good. He made his announcement in the semi-ironic I'M BACK, and has been making sites ever since.

Necronomicon dislikes smoke

Also fads

Unlike most ytmnd users, Necronomicon does not like fads and thinks that fads are a detriment to ytmnd on the whole. At some point in the future he plans to use this space to write a wiki entry explaining why, but right now he's too lazy to do it.