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July 3, 2007
May 18, 1984
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What’s up people. I am laundry. I am a 25 year old male from the great lakes state, otherwise known as Michigan.

Site naming

I started out doing the "</ \>" as a way to be different and I thought it looked cool(stupid, I know). Then I stopped doing it for a couple sites. I was then asked why I stopped doing it, and I said "gee, idk my bff rose?" I was then told that it was my thing, my calling card and thus I started doing it again. I suppose it is now a permanent figure in my site making, deal with it.


I hang out in IRC (internet relay chat) on efnet. You can find me in the channels of #?! And it’s offshoot channel of #tgubg. I started going on IRC because I wanted to participate in all these theme nights I kept witnessing on the front page, then once I became a regular in the channel they stopped doing them. Joke is on me I suppose. I guess I stay in there now for all the highbrow topics of discussion going on all the time(heh, not really).


I have been called an artfag on a couple of occasions. I guess some of my sites tend to be artsy, so I consider the title as a badge of honor.

Other crap you probably are not interested in to know

I am on myspace, check me out, be my friend? [Laundry's myspace profile]
This user named btape got me to join Now I scrobble like a fiend. [Laundry’s profile]

Programs I use or have used in making sites:
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Adobe ImageReady 7.0
Adobe After Effects 5.0 (barely)
Wavepad Master's Edition
DVD shrink 3.2
Virtual dub
Aoa dvd ripper (so much easier and friendlier than dvd2avi)
Windows Movie Maker
FLV Extract

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