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On a foggy night, out of the sea of blue rose a channel on efnet.
The refugees came together to form a small community, and they called it tgubg (pronounced Tee-gub-guh).

All BS aside

Just kidding, #tgubg was created because of the op’s in the channel #?! decided to get power happy and moderate the channel without giving voice to anyone, thus killing all forms of communication between it’s lower level ranked users. After becoming extremely annoyed and frustrated by not being able to chat, #tgubg was created to counteract this form of dictatorship/censorship.

The adopted mascot

Since tgubg doesn’t really mean anything, it is sometimes referred to as tugboat because of the similar letters used, thus giving it some kind of visual identity. There was also a chat bot at one point called tgubgbot, and it was referred to as “The tugboat.” It has since disappeared, but will never be forgotten.

Who is allowed?

Anyone can join and chat if they want. In tgubg we try hard not to be dicks and let you say what you have to say, even if it is childish and inappropriate. Granted we will kick you sometimes for being overly ignorant and stupid, but people are rarely ever banned.

How do I get there?

You would have better luck searching for IRC clients, then following directions from FAQ’s scattered all over the internet. If you are lazy and use only a browser, you can go to [] then use the webchat quick login boxes. Type in a user name in the user name box, then #tgubg in the channel box and click the login button. Presto, you have now entered tgubg!


The creating of another ytmnd related chat channel has come under some criticism. It perpetuates the continued diluting of the community as a whole, because users are being spread farther apart rather than coming together to create a solid whole (like that would have happened anyway).