Tiny People Dancing in Food

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Tiny People Dancing in Food
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Original YTMND:
Smooth Cereal
by dctownes
February, 5 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

Tiny People Dancing in Food sites feature a tiny person or tiny people, usually celebrities or pop stars, dancing in normal sized food or drink.


The concept of celebrities in food was not entirely new to YTMND, as lizardman created Mariah Carey Dancing in Butter in January 2006. Lizardman's site features a normal sized Mariah Carey dancing in an extremely large tub of butter. In these newer sites, the celebrities are minuscule and the food is normal sized. Lizardman even made this distinction himself here.:

Oh, and the difference between mine (MC in Butter) and these others is that while Beyonce, Jacko, and Shakira are all tiny and dancing in normal sized food, Mariah is normal sized and it's the butter that's gigantic. Just FYI.


One of the noteworthy characteristics of these sites is the video-realistic quality of the tiny dancing celebrity within the animated gif. This effect is achieved by painstakingly rotoscoping a number of video frames and inserting that sequence into a larger composition.


Users that have participated include: dctownes, hanktherapper, Click, fearcondom, AwesomeBob, dascoot, ORIS, laundry, egonym, everblink5, Bob-the-Builder, Crusty, ryanmontana, Exeunt martinprince.