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Date of first site
You're the man now dog.com, created July 6th, 2001
April 6th, 2004
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ***
...as of July 12th, 2006
Notable Sites:
Other info:

Is the creator of YTMND


A little more detailed YTMNDer infobox than {{YTMNDer}}.


{{YTMNDer Detailed|name=


  • name = Username. Will default to the name of the article if none is selected.
  • image = filename of the uploaded image (Image:file.jpg). It'll automagically resize itself to 200 pixels.
  • joinDate = Date the user joined YTMND.
  • siteAverage = the approximate number of stars their sites get collectively, rounded to the nearest whole number. EG add 35 for a 3.5 rating (Stars red 35.gif)
  • voteAverage = their average votes (the approximate number of stars they give to other sites). This is on their votes page, just above the vote spread chart.
  • date = the date the above stats were counted. Use today's date if you updated it
  • site1site5 = Subdomain of their five most famous sites. Captions (optional) should be the title of the ytmnd. If no caption exists, the caption will be the subdomain.
  • views1views5 = The number of views on the site1–site5 sites.
  • favs1favs5 = How many users who favorited the site1–site5 sites.
  • firstSite = The subdomain of the first site created.
  • firstSiteDate = Date of the first site.
  • firstSiteCaption = Caption of the first site.
  • otherinfo = Additional info and trivia about yourself


The code below creates the infobox shown.

{{YTMNDer Detailed|name=max
|image=Max Avatar.gif
|firstSiteCaption=You're the man now dog.com
|firstSiteDate=July 6th, 2001
|joinDate=April 6th, 2004
|date=July 12th, 2006
|Caption1=You're the man now dog.com
|Caption4=You're banned idiot!
|Caption5=YTMND USers are...
|otherinfo=Is the creator of [[YTMND]]