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you should acknowledge that to a certain degree this is a forced fad before some mod accuses you of just promoting non-fads as fads. - Sitsu, Feb 18 or something

It wasn't really forced. I just made a couple and they were popular, then a month later I made a new one and everyone liked it. It didn't become a fad at first when I made a bunch of them, only after a really popular one was made. I'm one of the only two users who made more than one of them, even. Lots of different people are just making them. Anyway I'm going to clean up the wiki soon, as there are starting to be too many new sites to put them all in the wiki. - BTape

Can we add something about it being started by faggotdownvoterlol before that amazingly hilarious alt got deleted, while so many noxious alts survive? HeatherChandler 22:45, February 22, 2007 (CST)

yeah, though that was me anyway. I'll have to write in some history to that joke gimmick - BTape

Whoa, BTape just stole everyone's PIZZA! --- Connor 07:42, February 23, 2007 (CST)

it's not really a fad, BTape forced it into YTMND, so people got sick of seeing him post them, so they made pizza sites to shut him up.

- I disagree fourest. perhaps initially it could have been a forced fad, but by the end enough people outside the clique were making them that an article deos absolutely no harm. its certainly not the first fad to begin as a forced fad, and I dont see anyone attacking the "I see Elvis" article even though its a whole lot less relevant than this one. Not every forced meme by the same group of people is going to merit keeping an article, but this one certainly has merit. It stays. I'd recommend though that if some of the people making articles for smaller or forced fads wish them to survive, they not edit them every 2 seconds. the more they are edited the more they are noticed and some would think they are just people fucking around with wiki for the sake of trolling. - - MasterSitsu

do we really need a list of a bunch of crap websites? - moheevi

yeah, I guess we can delete the NEDM wiki article after all BTape 06:17, April 18, 2007 (CDT) no we cant --ptkfgsmaster2maryo 14:20, April 23, 2007 (CDT)

way to dodge the question, i'm just saying that the usual wiki fad article has 5 typical sites. what makes this any more special than NEDM? in fact, the only good reason for the lists are for either upvoters or downvoters who don't really give a shit about the contents of a site. i'm not gonna go through and downvote all of these sites, but this article should get the typical wiki treatment or every fucking article we see will have 100 shitty sites listed on there. --Moheevi 09:03, April 18, 2007 (CDT)

I originally wrote it this way because there were so many popular sites and the search engine was broken/people didn't use the keywords. I didn't even start this page, it was started over a month after the first site was made. At the time it helped document the old sites that people wanted to see as well as new sites people posted. It is still useful for this purpose due to the mass alts that take these sites off the front page quickly. Still, I plan to clean up the article when the new mod system is in place. BTape 14:11, April 18, 2007 (CDT)

Coconutman's P1ZZ4 GUY B3GIN5 deserves to be a worthy spinoff. Ochobobo 12:51, June 26, 2007 (CDT)