New License

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New License
Original YTMND:
Carmine's New License
by keatonkeaton999
February 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

New License is a fad based on the scene from the 2007 film Superbad. In the movie, there is a scene where the character Seth (Jonah Hill) checks out his friend Fogell's (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) fake ID card. According to the card, he is a 27-year-old from Hawaii who goes by the name "McLovin'". As he reads the card, Seth comments with disdain on how "it doesn't even have a first name, it just says McLovin'!"

The first New License YTMND, Carmine's New License was created by keatonkeaton999 on February 9th, 2007. It was based on the fad How Many Megs of Ram, Carmine?. YTMNDs based on this scene usually replace "McLovin'" with any given fad.

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