How Many Megs of Ram, Carmine?

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How Many Megs of Ram, Carmine?
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Original YTMND:
How Many Megs of Ram, Carmine?
by flipu4reel
November 9, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

How Many Megs of Ram, Carmine? is a fad based on an infomercial for the Apple Performa computer. The original YTMND site, created by flipu4reel, was an excerpt of the informercial, which features the fictional Martinetti family and their experiences with a Performa computer. In the site, an elderly woman named Rose comes to the door of the Martinettis' home, asking "Is Carmine in?". Carmine, the grandfather of the family, met Rose on the Opera Lovers forum while on the Apple Performa and begins to show the Performa to Rose. Rose asks, "How many megs of ram, Carmine?", in which Carmine exclaims, "Eight!" (almost always typed as ATE due to the way Carmine pronounces the number).

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