This is not Y T M N D

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Max has registered several different domains to help the misguided users who cannot spell correctly. In order to determine what content would be used for these redirect pages, a contest was set up. Many users entered, but only two persevered in correctly showing users how to correctly spell the internet web address.

The Redirect Pages

Note that, currently, the first four addresses only have a link to the YTMND:API, while the last has a syntax error.

The Contest

Encouraging a new influx of creativity for his site, max started a contest to see who could create the best YTMND to be used for his redirect pages. The only guideline was that the site would redirect in 15 seconds. Max then went on to say that the winner would automatically be added to the Hall of Fame.

The contest was started in this news post.

The Winners

Either to add a touch of variety, or because max couldn't decide, two entries were selected. The winners were nutnics and typogra. Interestingly, neither have been added to the Hall of Fame yet. Max has either forgotten about this promise, or has not gotten around to it yet.


This is not Y T M N D

The site that nutnics submitted involved a shocked Darth Vader contemptuously exclaiming, "What have you done?! This is not Y T M N D." After some animations on Vader's Radio Shack computer, the image tells you it's redirecting. Just before the page redirects, Darth Vader finishes, "Don't fail me again."


world: ending. ytmnd: misspelled.

As a nice contrast from nutnics' flashy animations, typogra's static frame entry won through sheer satire and irony. Typogra heeded the information that the page would redirect in 15 seconds, and went a completely different and unexpected route. The finished result ended up being very text-heavy and very difficult for most users to finish reading in only fifteen seconds.