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October 12, 2005
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What the Jazz is All About

Discovering YTMND in May of 2005, but finally registering in October of that year. Throughout his progressive discovery, nothing was more enternaining to him than "Sean Connery," "Nigga Stole My Bike!," "Batman: ualuealuealeuale," and "O RLY?" crazes that struck YTMND without warning. Although a nearly-unrecognized user, he is a relentless upvoter of many Top Rated/Upcoming/Worthwhile YTMNDs (such of the most previous ones being related to the Bill Cosby and PTKFGS fads), and rarely submitting sites of his own. ROFLWOFLZ is highly enthusiased by some of the many hit sites being created daily. With an overall average rating of 4.85. Thus, a total of 194 votes have been given, and 10-20 more ratings are added practically everytime he lurks on YTMND. His utmost favorite YTMND opuses are Max, Syncan, xxblindchildxx and MasterSitsu. He also awaits to see the complete downfall of Ebaumsworld, claiming that "they have already done a good enough job screwing themselves over on more than one occasion."


A life-long resident of eastern New Jersey. Known best for his witty comments and sarcastic remarks with his fellow peers. He is very into music, and is a self-taught bassist/songwritter. Former bassist for a local experimental band known as Paroxysm Unfolds for a year and four months, before it had ended and is currently hoping to start a band of his own. Listening to anything jazzy, heavy, extreme, mellow, melodic, technical and experimental, is what inspires him. Such as Jazz, Techno, Alternative, Progressive, Rock, Heavy/Thrash/Death Metal and Grindcore. The few of his favorite bands are: Unearth, The Red Chord, Between the Buried and Me, Vader, Ion Dissonance, Pig Destroyer and Death. His favorite movies are: Anchorman, Clerks, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wayne's World, Thirteen Ghosts, Final Destination and Monty Python's: The Holy Grail. ROFLWOFLZ admits that if he wasn't a musician, he'd be a professional soccer player. Interested in graphic designing, he has an account for deviantART, in which he uploads much of his works onto. He also designs websites, thinks HTML is the easiest thing there is to understand, and is currently learning more about CSS.

OMG, Secret ROFLWOFLZ Wiki Info!

  • Is of African American, Italian, Native American (Cherokee), Olde English, Norweigen and German descent.
  • Currently in a relation with his girlfriend Amber. Who he was friends with, nearly two years prior to their intimate relations with each other.
  • After discovering YTMND, he showed it to his close friends. Most of which, made accounts on YTMND, and started making their own sites.
  • Is a huge Nintendo Fan, but says he "really wasn't into the Nintendo Wii fad" of YTMND.
  • Claims the Internet would be nothing without YTMND and deviantART.
  • Can't take Sean Connery seriously anymore, because of what YTMND has done (in a good way); yet thinks he's a good actor.

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