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September 09, 2005
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The Master

MasterSitsu a.k.a. Lord Sitsu, Detective Sitsu:YTMND Police is the Canadian creator of many well known YTMNDs including the Hall of Fame Runaway YTMND , as well as the founder of the YTMND Loop Project.

Fad Originator

MasterSitsu is credited as one of the most prolific 'Fad' starters of He founded the Dew Army with his submission DEW!!!!!, [[1]] submitted on September 17th, 2005 and was only his 7th submission to This fad also spawned the Dew Army fad [[2]]. He created the first ever age 9 fad , The Lounge, Revolucion, Moore/Burrito, Butterfinger, and the much dreaded Best Day Ever. More recently he was involved in the popular Live Jasmin Put Shoe on Head fad, and was the second user to create a shoe on head ytmnd site.

On June 19, 2006, along with fellow user fyrestorm, MasterSitsu created a new semi-autobiographical category for ytmnd's universe and called it "GAYTMND". It is differentiated by using more effeminate content and utilizes a pink corner insignia that reads GAYTMND which was created by MasterSitsu and fyrestorm that can be downloaded here [3].

General Interests

Likes to kick UnderwaterApe off of the Vent server for fun. Puts MichaelWolfson in his place. Did HeatherChandler in the bum when she wasn't looking. Would do it again.


On May 10th, 2007, after another well made run, he has taken more time off to focus on more important projects in the real world, and due to general growing lack of interest in YTMND.