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July 7, 2006
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Not really a YTMND site maker, and more of a Ventite, dropkick has made his noteriaty as having a New York type dialect.


Introduction to the Internet

While living in his NYC home in his early pre-teen years, dropkick finally had the internet installed in his apartment. Besides being a shitty modem, it was heaven to dropkick. By the time he was 9, dropkick was fluent in all the different aspects of the internet. Having just discovered Punk this year as well, dropkick created an alias dedicated to his favourite Oi! Punk band, the Dropkick Murphys. Thus, 'dropkick' was born.


Participation In Major YTMND Events

Despite having only joined YTMND only in July, dropkick has been around ever since December. He has participated in the (although foolishly) the chat flooding of E-Baums World; the Put Shoe On Head raids; and the google bombing campaign against Scientology.


Participation In Vent

It should be noted that whilst dropkick has been on Vent for only a good two monthes, already he has homosexual atheists such as Bucketman calling him a Jew and chastising him for not being able to pronounce the divine word 'retard' correctly. However, to his avail, dropkick says 'lol atheism' and wins every arguement.

Also noted, is dropkick's funny commentary and funny antics on vent. Ranging from annoying everyone when he is drunk, reading yiff sex stories to the fellow ventites, or just calling Michael Wolfson a douche-bag, dropkick tries to make everyone's time on vent a tad more enjoyable (except for Michael Wolfson, whom is REALLY a douchebag, and makes dropkick feel sorry to be a fellow Jew).

...also cocks. ...also also Jew.