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April 7, 2006
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Finally, I came. Anyway, I found YTMND in late 2005, and my favorite fads are Barrel Roll and Snape kills Dumbledore. I haven't made very many sites, mostly because I suck, I can't animate GIFs, and I can't afford fancy crap. I DO, however, have one successful site (which is ironically a PTKFGS site). I'll try to help out around here as much as I can around here.

Although most of my votes are *****, I do not consider myself an upvoter. Mostly I upvote sites that I find to be good and that I like (even if it is by Inkdrinker or Adverb and those sites I don't like I usually tend to avoid commenting on. I do, however, vote **** quite often, usually if I feel it has potential to be really good. Often, if I don't like the site's subject, unless the site freaks me out, I vote *** on sites that are well done anyway. I DO, however, upvote users who have been downvoted by the user MewtwoStruckBack, who downvotes all users who have an anti EBaum's World site, even if he likes the sites, and who condones EBaum's merciless stealing.

If you look at the way I vote on fad comps, although I don't mind them, I do prefer seeing sites that remind us of YTMND's roots. For example, sites that are overrun with NEDM, Nintendo 64 Kid, and Lazy Town will lose points, while sites with KHAN!, Picard, Stapler, and Willy Wonka will get points. Although I do like NEDM and other fads, I just don't think they should be running our sites. Mostly this is due to the actions of several voters, one of which wrote "fails for no NEDM" on Picard Song, which is offensive to YTMND and its history.

I also hate parasites.

Where else can you find me?


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