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Rude Kitty
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Original YTMND:
Rude Kitty??  
Worthy spinoffs:

The First Sites Involving Rude Kitty

On July 25th, 2006, this site Rude Kitty!? was created presenting a slide show of various pictures of the "happy cat" being used as part of a trademarked brand(although nothing was actually being sold) on the MySpace site MySpace Award Center as "Rude Kitty."

The first rude kitty site was actually created 5 days prior to Rude Kitty!? but had recieved little to no response due to three fatal flaws of making a quality ytmnd.

1. Use of MS paint

2. Use of an overused Fad sound (Darth Vaders "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO")

3. And Overall crappy presentation

The First Rude Kitty site can be found here Rude Kitty?? (It originally had a low 2 star rating until the Rude Kitty fad started)

It is mere coincidence that the first two sites have almost the exact same title.

The Reaction To Rude Kitty

Many ytmnd users who were fans of the NEDM Fad took this as a false labeling of their beloved Happy Cat, and started a "war" with the MySpace site, not unlike the vandalism committed against Haley. The Blog in which the Rude Kitty images were posted was spammed and hatemail was sent some users sent shock images to the myspace profile (those actions were frowned upon by the majority of the users involved). The "war" was thought to have ended after the creator took down his site, having received thousands of hatemails and a fake myspace profile called Myspace Awardcenter was created with a picture of happy cat and text above its head saying LOL NEDM many of the involved users failed to notice that the profile was missing the letter s and proceed to make ytmnd's about how the war was won. A Myspace group was made called the "Official Military Branch of YTMND" (which was not endorsed by YTMND in anyway what so ever)was made by this myspace userCreator of the Myspace Group.

The Idiocy That Came From The Myspace Group

It became apparent that this so called Military Branch was really just an angry mob as there appeared to be no evidence of common sense present in the group.

The few things that were wrong with the group

1.Public Membership

2.Displaying of an HTML codes that would "fuck up" myspace profiles.

3.Internal issues (users making other myspace groups or fighting with each other)

Two myspace Users that supported the MSAC joined the group and spammed rude kitty images or threw taunts at the group. The group members agreed this group should be made private and the group leader agreed but never did so.

Eventually The MSAC made a myspace group so they could talk about what went on with the attack from YTMND. One user from YTMND proposed to make a peace agreement but users began fighting with eachother saying who wasn't in charge or who had the rights to say what etc. The MSAC myspace group soon posted a threat of sending out mass emails to google ads to shut down YTMND. It was after this threat that it was obvious that this "war" was at a draw.

The Effects of The Rude Kitty Fad on YTMND

On July 26th masses of NEDM/Rude Kitty Themed YTMND's were made along with promotions for myspace groups etc.YTMND Search for NEDM sites on the 26th

A site was created by YTMND User The3rd Myspace WarCrimes that revealed that the original burning cat video was on After the creation of this site many sites with the gif of the burning cat began popping out ot the recentley created YTMND section.

Another YTMND took a screenshot of a forum on That Message Board saying that YTMNDers suck etc. A few users decide to go spam the forum which in reality was a really bad idea since their Ip's could easily be accessed the instant they post on the forum (This action was also frowned upon by YTMND users(Only a few of those involved with the myspace incident went onto that message board to spam them))

The Aftermath according to MSAC

Ctrl+C'd and Ctrl+V'd from their page


People have a tendency not to hold back, as far as expressing how they really feel about something posted here. In February of 06 a valentines award set off an insult match, that went on for some 600 comments. The award was a simple image of a man hitting a woman. And then the words, Happy Valentine's Day. One woman decided to cut in line and post her diatribe about how soulless and horrible MSAC was for posting this propaganda, and then she got hammered from other MSAC members.

Long story short: She had a picture of a gray cat on her page, that would be the inspiration for Rude Kitty.

Rude Kitty was a hit.

Six months later a group from the web site YTMND (you're the man now dog) started sending me rambling messages that made no sense to me at the time. Something about NEDM and YTMND. I thought it was a music group. But what it was, was a site where people make animations and put music with it and they create these FADS as they call them. One of their fads was about a cat called NEDM (not even doom music). NEDM was a sort of mascot. Someone had posted a video on the web of some kids burning a cat. NEDM was the anti burning cats icon. NEDM used the same image MSAC used for Rude Kitty.

I am all for not burning cats. I think most sane human beings are. But YTMND decided Rude Kitty was mocking their Anti Cat Burning mascot Happy Cat. They started flooding the MSAC mail box and many MSAC members as well, with insults and threats and a buffet of obscenity that would make Howard Stern cringe. This went on for weeks.

Had one person from that group taken the time to explain the situation, I might have removed Rude Kitty, or changed it. But this group was looking for a fight. That's what they do. They attack web sites, and harass people because honestly they enjoy it. I still get the occasional letter from someone from the YTMND site. They are completely clueless that a war already happened here and are all worked up and ready to go. So I send them to the Rude Kitty Wiki page.

So that's the rich history of our Rude Kitty. Rude Kitty lives.

This link might not work from this blog because sometimes MySpace blogs reconfigure link info and they stop working. You can type it in manually. Also if you go to and search for Rude Kitty you'll see all of the pages made by this group.

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