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The Happycat
Happycat at the office

Happycat is a grey British Shorthair cat with a particularly amiable disposition. Happycat is most commonly featured in NEDM YTMNDs. Its head is often used without the rest of the body as a replacement for someone else's head, usually for humorous effect.


Happycat was named after the Something Awful Forums member of the same name who found the image on the front page of a website of a Russian cat food company of the same name in 2003. The image gained popularity amongst the forum's members and inspired several of them to create merchandise featuring the smiling cat's face. Limited edition Happycat shirts, stickers and even hand-painted portraits were once available on SAMart.

Happycat is also notable for being the image used in the very first LOLcat, I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER. But not even that justifies burning it.

External links

  • HappyCat.ru the original Happycat site. (The company has since shifted their advertising away from Happycat himself; it is extremely hard to find a picture of him without a knowledge of the Russian language.)
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