Metal Gear Solid

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Metal Gear Solid
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Original YTMND:
Mario Gear Solid  
by toastypk 
May 17, 2004  
Worthy spinoffs:

The Metal Gear Solid fad is a parody of the death sequences from the popular series of Metal Gear Solid video games.

A sample codec page


In the games, whenever the main protagonist dies, a member of his backup team is heard frantically trying to contact him through the Codec (radio) as the Game Over music plays. In the original Metal Gear Solid, the most popular death sequence occurred when Otacon radioed the recently deceased Solid Snake and cried out thusly:

"Snake, what's going on? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!?"

This sequence quickly attained cult status for it's ludicrous melodrama and half-hearted voice acting. However, it became so popular that the sequel (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty) had a similarly scripted death sequence far more often, and every single death sequence in the threequel (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) contained the now infamous "SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!?".


The first YTMND did not feature Otacon calling for Snake, but Luigi calling for Mario:

"Mario? MAAAAAARIOO!!!!"

The site became popular for it's time and eventually spawned spin-offs months later featuring other fad characters of 2004 (such as Ugoff, Kirk, etc...). The fad never really became full-blown instantly, but rather, grew at a steady rate, sometimes spawning multiple sites each day. Eventually, in 2005 the Metal Gear Solid fad was noticed, and has sometimes made it's way to various fad conglomerates.

Metal Gear Solid sites still spawn once in a while, most of them taking in decent ratings.

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