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What is a Groupie?

A user who tends to vote a certain way because of the name recognition of another user. This occurs when a prominent user from any part of the site whether it be the front page, the forums, ventrilo, or IRC makes a site and the respective members of those parts of the community upvote the site based solely on the name recognition of the user and not the quality of the YTMND.

Why this a problem?

Voting based on name recognition tends to over inflate the total rating of a site. The basic principles of voting are thrown out the window in favor of following others opinions. This style of voting leads to the argument of why even having a rating system if a group of users are going to vote ***** for a site that barely took any effort to make. Note that name recognition also causes people to instantly vote * on any site from users they dislike or feel are overrated, regardless of site content.

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