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A frontpager is YTMND word for someone who stays on the front page without ever bothering to visit the forums or the other parts of the site.


Frontpagers are sometimes criticized by other users for a variety of reasons. Many more established YTMNDers feel that exposure only to the front page (and especially the top 5/15 lists,) gives a user a false sense of what YTMND is about and what a quality site is.

Forum users criticize frontpagers for either their unwillingness to be part of the YTMND community or because they believe the frontpage to have become obsolete in comparison to the mayhem on the forums. Most of these users, however, have migrated to XYTMND.

One could say that an experienced frontpager may be unwilling to join the forums because of what they hear of it from other sources, or they are displeased with the amount of NSFW material (ie shock images), and being pushed around by the more experienced people, or are simply not aware that there is a SFW forums (up untill a month or two ago, the forums link used to go directly to the NSFW forums. Now they go to the wiki article Forums.) However, users may, if they do want to get farther in the community, decide to help with the wiki, as it is a much more passive, positive environment than what they heard or seen that the forums are.

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