Age 9

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Age 9
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Original YTMND:
how I did founded a bike by charles and audrey age 9
by MasterSitsu
February 28, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

The Age 9 fad involves the remake of other fads with childlike Microsoft Paint-style animations, accompanied by purely vocal renditions of the fads' respective music and sound. MasterSitsu's site "How I did escaped Katreena by Jaleel age 10" inspired the title for his later site how I did founded a bike by charles and audrey age 9, the fad's actual origin. The fad was created partially as an in-joke by MasterSitsu, on IRC to gently tease syncan for spending 10 hours recreating xxblindchildxx 's "nigga stole conan's bike" as a video game.

Age 9 sites are not very easy to do as it requires a lot of voice editing of the user making the site. Sites will pop up time-by-time as new fads show up.

A couple of users, for example syncan and cheekygirl, have made sites with actual pictures of themselves at a young age.

Some consider the CRAPTMND to be a crappier ripoff to the fad.


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