YTMND Easter Eggs

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YTMND Easter Eggs

There are many features that end up forgotten in YTMND... this is where they can be added. These "easter eggs" are frequently found in Max Goldberg's news bulletins.

TO DO List:

This page has ideas, completed changes, and suggestions for improvements to YTMND. It is not editable by non-administration. The place to suggest your ideas is the YTMND WIKI.

The Truly Random YTMND Creator (almost assuredly NSFW):

This link, given to us on April 5, 2007 by max in a news post, takes random text, a random image (be it animated or not), random placement of the two, and a random sound from four random sites in the YTMND database and combines them to create an original, "truly random" YTMND that, to quote max, is often "better than most users' "serious attempts" at making a YTMND."

YTMND Statistics:

This "nifty feature" was brought to our attention in an April 15, 2007 news post. It uses flash to display running statistics for user vote spread, user moderation vote spread, and comment data.


The YTMND Spy, via news post on August 1, 2006, is also discussed in the YTMND WIKI article YTMND_Spy. It displays a live view of users' comments, votes, and registers, with an option to view the activity for only the viewer's sites.


Not really an official YTMND Easter Egg, Gabbly Chat is a tool that turns any website into a chatroom without software installation or even registering. It is also discussed in the YTMND WIKI article, Gabbly_Chat.

Row Your Boat:

In max's YTMND rowrowrowyourboat, he proposed that users create their own YTMND's with audio of the song 'Row, row, row your boat' and post the addresses in the comments of that site. Users responded, and soon this link was created: it gives a steady stream of 'popups' of the users' websites, creating a cyber-canon of the song.

The YTMND Mosaic

A mosaic of the first 100,000 YTMNDs introduced by Max on January 23, 2006. The link on the original news post no longer works, but the mosaic can still be viewed here

The "lol" Collection

A curious collection of random images (11 in all) buried deep within YTMND's asset management system.It is likely that these images were placed there by max as a test of the asset system or image uploading. Here is the full set of them: